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ROCK&ROLL RECORDER/Author: Masatoshi Mashima

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As a guitarist for The Blue Hearts, The High-Lows, and The Cro-Magnons, Masatoshi Majima, also known as "Mercy," has produced many hit songs that have stayed with listeners throughout their lives. What kind of music is in the blood of this man who continues to embody rock and roll?

This book is a valuable look back on his childhood and adolescence in his own words, centering around the analog records that the young Majima acquired, and includes his encounter with The Beatles, which was a turning point in his life, his first electric guitar, the first live show he performed in after forming a band with his friends, and the impact he felt from punk rock, which he described as "the voice of the god of rock and roll resonating in real life."

This is a guidebook for discs that features photos of the records that Majima owns, including "TRAIN-TRAIN," "Chain Gang," "Aozora," and "Yume." This book can also be enjoyed as an essay in the unique style of Mercy, who has also written many hit songs as a lyricist, including "Yearning for Andalusia, " "Youth," "Paper Plane," and "Elvis (working title) ."

This book showcases over 200 records owned by the author, including artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Jam, the Specials, the Pale Fountains, RC Succession, P-Model, and Tokyo Rockers .

Another interesting point is that the book includes photos of rare guitars, such as his first electric guitar, a Greco EG480, which he purchased in Akihabara on the same day that Carol broke up, the black Squier Telecaster that he used during his time with The Breakers, and the Diamond LP type that he used in the early days of The Blue Hearts' activities.

Another special feature of this book is that it is 18 x 18 cm in size, the same as a 7-inch record. When you actually pick it up, you can feel the attention to detail, playfulness, and love for rock and roll exploding in this book.

The design of all 144 pages was done by Shinichi Sugaya (Epoch Co., Ltd.), the art director of The High-Lows and The Cro-Magnons, who vividly expresses the story of Mercy! In addition , Taichi Nishimaki and Dream Aya (ex. E-girls) participated as photographers. Jun Moriuchi (DONUT), who has been friends with Mashima since his 20s, Another topic is that he is involved in production as a reporter and editor.

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◎Author profile

Masatoshi Mashima: A musician born in Tokyo in 1962. After playing an active role as a guitarist for THE BLUE HEARTS and THE HIGH-LOWS, he is currently active in THE CROMAGONNS. He is highly regarded not only for his own band, but also for the lyrics and songs he writes for other artists. Some of his best-known songs include "TRAIN-TRAIN," "Chain Gang," "Blue Sky," "Dream," "Longing for Andalusia," "Youth," "Paper Plane," and "Elvis (tentative title)."

The Beatles came thumping into my heart,
Turn the key to start the engine, step on the clutch and put the car in gear.
I took a big hit of the accelerator and it went "BOOM!!"
In the midst of all the excitement and enthusiasm, I had a strong desire to do something like that.
I had never felt that strongly about anything before.
It was a new experience for me and I've been in a dream ever since.
--Excerpt from the book "The Impact of the Beatles!"

The same voice I heard when I first heard The Beatles
I heard it from the Sex Pistols and punk rock.
"Why don't you laugh too? Why don't you do it too? It's your turn next."
The Sex Pistols spoke to me.
To me, that was the word of the rock and roll gods.
I've heard that phrase many times before,
It had never felt so real before.
--Excerpt from the book "Punk Rock Explosion!"

◎Table of contents
・The impact of the Beatles!
・Guitar Revolution
・Rock 'n' Roll A Go Go!
・Summer rhythm guitar
・Meet the Rolling Stones!
・Contests & Originals
・Punk rock explodes!
・Mr. Joe Strummer
・Kick out of the jam!
・Punk Rock Jungle
London, New York, Jamaica
・Neo-acoustic riots!
・Cool Beat from Japan
・Chit Chat

■ Book information

Author: Masatoshi Mashima
Release date: Thursday, February 10, 2022 *Available at bookstores and e-commerce sites nationwide.
Price: 3,080 yen (2,800 yen + tax)
Specifications: B5 variant / 144 pages