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EVE OF DESTRUCTION / Author: Yusuke Chiba

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Chiba Yusuke's record collection and
A 160-page book packed with unwavering "love for music"

"You pick up this book,
Some wonderful music
I would be happy to meet you
The music, the sounds, stay with you forever."
--From "INTRODUCTION" in this book

He is one of Japan's leading rock vocalists.
Yusuke Chiba's Valuable Record Collection

Yusuke Chiba, one of Japan's leading rock vocalists , who has been active in rock bands such as The Birthday, THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT, ROSSO, MIDNIGHT BANKROBBERS, and THE GOLDEN WET FINGERS, will introduce the important records that are indispensable to his musical life. Along with photos of his precious analog record collection, he will delve into his "love of music" in his own words.

The records published are
Over 250 albums in 12 genres

The 160-page book is the same size as a 7-inch record jacket and is packed with over 250 precious photos of records. The books are divided into 12 genres, including Johnny Thunders, Stray Cats, The Roosters, Dr. Feelgood, Faces, Nick Cave, My Bloody Valentine, The Specials, The Cramps, The Smiths, and more, from the records that Chiba encountered in his teens and that got him hooked on rock, to classic albums that he says "still blows my mind when I listen to them now," and records by artists that he learned about from his good friend Abe Futoshi, who worked with him in THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT . Another point not to be missed is the precious anecdotes he shares about his encounters with the works.

In addition, at the end of the book, there is a special feature of some of Chiba's collection of band T-shirts, which he has collected along with his records. From records to T-shirts, this is a book that gives you a sense of Chiba's consistent love of music.

▲Those who purchase at the Sow Sweet Store will receive an original postcard designed by Yusuke Chiba as a bonus.

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*Update December 2023: Distribution of postcards has ended as the prepared number has been reached.

◎Author profile

Yusuke Chiba: After working as the frontman for rock bands such as THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT and ROSSO, he is currently active in bands such as The Birthday, MIDNIGHT BANKROBBERS, and The Golden Wet Fingers. Since his debut in 1991, he has led the Japanese rock scene with his consistent and powerful rock and roll sound and unique singing voice. In August, he released his fourth album, "SINGS," as his solo project, YUSUKE CHIBA -SNAKE ON THE BEACH-.

<Excerpt from this book>

The Roosters and The Mods. When I first heard them, I was so moved that I can't explain it in words. They may have been one of the reasons why I wanted to start a band. That's why they are so important to me.

─── Excerpt from the book "ROOTS"

The name of the band, Michelle Gun Elephant, comes from the Damned's third album, Machine Gun Etiquette. I used to go to a rental record store, and there was a punk section, and I would find and listen to all kinds of bands. One day, I rented records by The Damned along with The Jam and The Clash.

─── Excerpt from the book "PUNK"

I feel some rockabilly elements in Monochrome Set and The Smiths. Johnny Marr also used a Gretsch guitar. When I listen to the new wave bands that were active in the 80s, there are quite a few who have rockabilly elements at their core. When I heard Monochrome Set's "The Monochrome Set," I thought it was "crazy" because the key suddenly changed in the middle of the song. But it's unique and cool.

─── Excerpt from the book "BRITISH"

◎Table of contents

■ Book information

Author: Yusuke Chiba
Release date: Around September 13, 2022 *Available at bookstores and e-commerce sites nationwide.
Price: 2,750 yen (2,500 yen + tax)
Specifications: B5 variant / 160 pages